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Nitrogen Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Systems

Since 1948, Hankison International has provided people around the globe with the best solutions to efficiently meet their compressed gas preparation applications. HNG Series Membrane Nitrogen Generators continue that tradition as they herald a simple strategy for supplying nitrogen gas to small to medium volume users with a revolutionary point-of-use solution.

Modular HNG Series Membrane Nitrogen Generators are a unique, self-contained system that is simple to install in your air system pipeline. It’s vertical in-line orientation takes up very little space. Include a world class HF Series Modular Filtration Package to protect and ensure long membrane lifecycles.

HNG Series Nitrogen Generators can produce flow capacities that range from 1.7 SCFH to 500 SCFH, and can achieve purity levels from 95% to 99.5%. An HNG Series Package has no switching valves to fail or complicated controllers to program thus, there is no need for electric power. The HNG Series is the safe, reliable, and cost effective answer to your Nitrogen gas requirements.

Increased Profitability< HNG Series Nitrogen Generators help reduce your plant’s cost of operation. Once inserted into your piping, our Nitrogen Generator becomes transparent to your operation. Eliminate the middle man and the need to rely on an outside source of nitrogen. Gone is the wasted real estate to house and store cylinders. Forget about having to constantly monitor your consumption so you don’t run out. Eliminate downtime caused by change-over delays. Gain back the wasted man-hours that result from moving them from your dock to the production floor and back.
Advantages over Cylinders

HNG Series Nitrogen Generators best serve markets where size, purity, volume, and utility considerations intersect. Point-ofuse applications fed by high-pressure cylinders and insulated liquid Dewars are excellent conversion opportunities. Customers who would benefit from the HNG Series are users of high-pressure Nitrogen Gas. These users are easily identified as they house storage cylinders that may come in a multitude of colors. Reasons that encourage converting to the HNG Series include:
• Safety concerns (a sheared off valve at 2,640 PSI is a projectile that can pass through a 2 foot thick cinderblock wall)
• 330 cubic foot cylinders are most common and weigh approximately 165 lbs each. They are heavy, cumbersome, must be carefully stored, frequently handled, and often result in injuries to feet and backs of those people that have to move them
• Cylinder pressures will “equalize” to some usage pressure that will then render the remaining nitrogen (typically 19%) that you paid for useless…again and again

Selective Permeation

Modular HNG Series Nitrogen Generators are installed into standard compressed air systems with discharge pressures capabilities of up to 200 psig. Once in place, the HNG Series Nitrogen Generators utilize technologically advanced hollow-fiber membrane bundles to selectively permeate the unwanted waste gases and produce the desired Nitrogen stream. In operation, compressed air enters the Generator housing and surrounds the hollow membrane fibers as it traverses the length of the proprietary helically wrapped membrane bundle. The selective permeation process then allows undesirable gas constituents found in ordinary compressed ambient air, to pass through the exterior surface of each specially coated fiber wall. The waste gas which is rich in oxygen, water vapor and carbon dioxide, then exits through the interior of each tubular membrane fiber structure and expands back to atmosphere.

Simple Installation
Properties of Nitrogen

Nitrogen, or N2, comprises 78 percent of the air we breathe. In addition to air, nitrogen is found in the protein matter of all life forms and in many organic and inorganic compounds. It is colorless, tasteless, non-toxic, and can be a gas or a liquid depending on its temperature. It is a poor conductor of heat or electricity. Nitrogen is used anywhere you need to displace Oxygen (O2) to prevent oxidation, In addition, Nitrogen is inert so it will not burn or support combustion.

Typical applications Within the Chemical, Food, Beverage, Paint, Coating, Adhesive, Pharmaceutical, Analytical, and Surgical Tool industries, uses for nitrogen gas involve:
• Product blanketing
• Purging
• Dispensing
• Packaging and Storage
• Annealing
• Heat Treating
• Hardening
• Sintering
• Backing for Brazing
• Wave Soldering
• IR Reflow
• Tire Filling
• Injection Molding

The modularity of the HNG Series Nitrogen Generators and the complimentary HF Series Filter Packages create a compact system whose size allows direct installation into your process piping. There are no legs or bases to support the system so virtually no floor space is consumed. The HNG Series aesthetically pleasing vertical orientation combines with our in-line HF Series Filter piping arrangement to produce a clean, streamlined installation. Mounting brackets are available to help support the HNG Series and any associated prefilters. Size specific pipe connections are provided that range from 3/8” to 1“ NPT to simplify the plumbing of the installation. Conversionary applications may use existing flow and pressure controls to maintain Nitrogen purity levels.

Recommended Filtration

Compressed air systems tend to have various degrees of drying and filtering equipment already installed. However, downstream contaminants are almost always present depending on the age and construction of the pipes and fittings. These can range from simple pipe scale and rust, to hydrocarbon or synthetic based compressor lubricants, water or a combination of all. It is prudent to install dedicated filtration equipment to ensure you get maximum Nitrogen production and membrane life cycles. Once you have selected the model that best meets the needs of your application, add the proper level of modular filtration from our world-class HF Series Prefiltration packages.